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Asus router is world best networking device, with a sharp feature.
Problem of wireless router
Determining who is on wireless network

If you think that your network is secure it does not mean that it is secure. If you haven’t change your password then it is good for you to check that who is using your password.
Solution: There are lots of wireless monitoring tools, such as Air Magnet but price-wise these are typically out of the SMB user and out of the reach of the home.

Now check the screens that are usually labeled attached devices or DHCP client list to see who is connected and using which IP address.
Best when Cisco bought the company pure network magic. The windows version of network magic will show a map along with useful network histogram timeline revealing who has connected when.

Changing DNS Provider

If you haven’t given your domain name, after setting the network or if you have a cable and you hook it up and it automatically gets it DNS setting from the cable or phone company of the DNS servers.

Solution: smaller and individuals business has several providers that are worth considering, including open DNS, public DNS, among others.
Sometimes it's really tricky to support this server by getting router vendor, like 2wire’s Home portal 3000 series that comes when order service from AT&T U-verse, do not even support alternate setting. To make matter more complicated, most of the automated setup routines that routers include does not give permission to enter your own DNS server.

So if you want alternative DNS, then make sure that your router supports alternative settings. If you want to enter your own DNS setting then enter your DNS address on your router’s web-based setup screens instead of just what internet provider gives you.

Now try it with including installing its software to optimize your PC, but before missing it with any other router settings. There are many tools like java tool …that can test your speed to see if it makes a difference or not.

A good router went bad it doesn’t mean that it is always bad. Depending on the speed we decide it either it is good or bad, sometimes it happens that it shows limited because of some issue. Why it happen for this go to the site http://routertechsupport.net/asus-router-support-number/
If you have any problem regarding TP router then go through this site http://routertechsupport.net/tp-link-router-customer-support/
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There are various tools that are used for the encrypting entire hard disk nowadays, because everyone wants security of their files you can say everyone need a level of protection like that you can also protect your Microsoft office files for this you can also use the various software but your program also provides encryption to your data or files, its depends upon the which version of the Microsoft office you are using Microsoft office does not provide any internal security but some program like word, excel and outlook gives some level of encryption to their users. Here I am going to show you some internal encryption techniques to you if you want to know same from the MS office customer care then you can also contact them you can have the support number by clicking on the

ms office 2007 customer support number

Securing word files
For the Microsoft Word documents, you can choose a higher level of encryption instead of simply saving your file for doing this first you have to click on the save as and follow these steps
Click on tools that you find on the upper corner of the dialog box that open when you click on the save as then you can click on the security option then that option box gives you the various options there you find the password to open if you want your file will not open without the password then you can provide the password there in that box and click on ok then that file will be encrypted and that can not be accessible without the password. You can select various options below in the box you can select your choice of protection towards your documents.

Securing excel files
Excel also provides the similar way of protection that is available for the Microsoft word, for securing the file you click on the file then save as then a dialog box will appear there on the top of the save as dialog box you will find the option tool click there then general options you can enter the password in the box near to the password to open after clicking on save, you will not be able to access your file without the password.
If you face any issue in your Microsoft office then you can take help from the support team of the Microsoft office here we provide the support number you can visit us anytime at https://msofficesupportnumber.org/ms-office-support-number/.
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Gmail support is the service provided by Gmail to assist all Gmail users while using it on the web or mobile phones.
Gmail support is the 24 * 7 available service that includes tips and tutorials for various problems associated with Gmail.The service is also available.

Why Gmail Support?
• Unable to login-This is the most common error that is faced by a Gmail user. The probable error that arises in login is forgotten password or username or Email address. Recently named scope you have the if changed your password and IT forgotten the then the this is a case for the Contacting Gmail to Customer Support Number the if you are Unable to The sort out the problem with your own. • Gmail is unable to load-If you are facing this issue, then the only culprit is your browser. Your browser is the real obstacle that denies Gmail to load. The non-compatibility of Gmail with the browser causes this problem and non-trusted extensions. Disabling the extensions or removing the extensions is the great deal to tackle this issue. • Sync errors with Gmail Android App-This issue include.
I Unable to send an Email. II. Not getting any Email. III. Unable to read or open an Email. IV. "Account not sync" error. V. Gmail app is slow. Disabling the extensions or removing the extensions is the great deal to tackle this issue. • Sync errors with Gmail Android App-This issue includes:
I. Unable to send an Email. II. Not getting any Email. III. Unable to read or open an Email. IV. "Account not sync" error. V. Gmail app is slow. Disabling the extensions or removing the extensions is the great deal to tackle this issue. • Sync errors with Gmail Android App-This issue includes:
I. Unable to send an Email. II. Not getting any Email. III. Unable to read or open an Email. IV. "Account not sync" error. V. Gmail app is slow.

<!--[if !supportLists]-->· <!--[endif]-->Malware - Malware is a malicious software that has an ability to deface your system and data. Malware could be a corrupted file that could steal your data by just clicking on the file. Gmail's community-driven spam filter software. Gmail's community-driven spam filter software. If you detect any unusual activity in your Gmail account then you could contact http://gmailsupport.co/fix-gmail-common-errors/

• Email Receiving Issue- Sometimes, an Email is being stored in your spam box. The Email may contain relevant data. Another case is unable to receive or delay in receiving Email, this issue might be the result of your speed. Check your internet connection. If it is not the internet issue then it is the issue of Gmail.

How to solve these Issues?
If you are facing any questions about Gmail Contact Number . Never compromise with your Security. A small Negligence could land you in trouble in terms of privacy. So, beware of the suspicious.
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Google Chrome is a fast and secure web browser that is available for free. And it is available for every operating system ( Windows , MAC, Android, Linux.)

Google Chrome is a fast and secure web browser which is used by the most of users on their devices. It's much faster than a browser, it wants to provide its user. It is a well-known browser which has the best performance. It is a simple, secure, fast and user-friendly browser.

For more details contact us at Chrome Support Number

Features of Google Chrome

Bookmark and setting synchronization
Chrome allow the user to Synchronize their bookmark. The user can bookmark their frequently used sites and can be visited by the link.

Web Standard Support
ACID stands for ACID1, ACID2 and much more. ACID stands for Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation,

Security It has many security systems that protect our system from getting harm. It does not protect you when you access. Over the time Chrome retrieves update for two blacklists one for phishing and another for malware. Privacy

It provides the incognito mode, so that you can not be tracked and you have the privacy while accessing your sites.

Due to the latest technology, Algorithm and Software like V8 JavaScript engine and features like dynamic code generation. Due to which Chrome performed much faster than other browsers which exist.

Stability Architecture which is implemented in Chrome is a multi-process browser. Due to which it is able to maintain the stability and it does not get lag at any moment.

User Interface
Chrome uses a simple interface so that
all its users can use it just on the tab. The user can add or remove the function according to its use. Http://chromesupport.net/google-chrome-features/

Chrome is having a feature to apply for your extension and it has many extensions like Adblock, Grammarly and much more.

The user can install the themes and your browser. These Themes are available for free.

For more support contact us at Chrome Customer Support .

The Feedback

for These are the FEW of the features The Google Chrome is having clauses and clauses .


Or contact Us at Chrome Support Number .

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