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Google Chrome is a fast and secure web browser that is available for free. And it is available for every operating system ( Windows , MAC, Android, Linux.)

Google Chrome is a fast and secure web browser which is used by the most of users on their devices. It's much faster than a browser, it wants to provide its user. It is a well-known browser which has the best performance. It is a simple, secure, fast and user-friendly browser.

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Features of Google Chrome

Bookmark and setting synchronization
Chrome allow the user to Synchronize their bookmark. The user can bookmark their frequently used sites and can be visited by the link.

Web Standard Support
ACID stands for ACID1, ACID2 and much more. ACID stands for Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation,

Security It has many security systems that protect our system from getting harm. It does not protect you when you access. Over the time Chrome retrieves update for two blacklists one for phishing and another for malware. Privacy

It provides the incognito mode, so that you can not be tracked and you have the privacy while accessing your sites.

Due to the latest technology, Algorithm and Software like V8 JavaScript engine and features like dynamic code generation. Due to which Chrome performed much faster than other browsers which exist.

Stability Architecture which is implemented in Chrome is a multi-process browser. Due to which it is able to maintain the stability and it does not get lag at any moment.

User Interface
Chrome uses a simple interface so that
all its users can use it just on the tab. The user can add or remove the function according to its use. Http://chromesupport.net/google-chrome-features/

Chrome is having a feature to apply for your extension and it has many extensions like Adblock, Grammarly and much more.

The user can install the themes and your browser. These Themes are available for free.

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The Feedback

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