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There are various tools that are used for the encrypting entire hard disk nowadays, because everyone wants security of their files you can say everyone need a level of protection like that you can also protect your Microsoft office files for this you can also use the various software but your program also provides encryption to your data or files, its depends upon the which version of the Microsoft office you are using Microsoft office does not provide any internal security but some program like word, excel and outlook gives some level of encryption to their users. Here I am going to show you some internal encryption techniques to you if you want to know same from the MS office customer care then you can also contact them you can have the support number by clicking on the

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Securing word files
For the Microsoft Word documents, you can choose a higher level of encryption instead of simply saving your file for doing this first you have to click on the save as and follow these steps
Click on tools that you find on the upper corner of the dialog box that open when you click on the save as then you can click on the security option then that option box gives you the various options there you find the password to open if you want your file will not open without the password then you can provide the password there in that box and click on ok then that file will be encrypted and that can not be accessible without the password. You can select various options below in the box you can select your choice of protection towards your documents.

Securing excel files
Excel also provides the similar way of protection that is available for the Microsoft word, for securing the file you click on the file then save as then a dialog box will appear there on the top of the save as dialog box you will find the option tool click there then general options you can enter the password in the box near to the password to open after clicking on save, you will not be able to access your file without the password.
If you face any issue in your Microsoft office then you can take help from the support team of the Microsoft office here we provide the support number you can visit us anytime at https://msofficesupportnumber.org/ms-office-support-number/.
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